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This is a wiki about effective altruism and all related topics; edit it liberally. Linking out to material on other EA sites is strongly encouraged. See Wikipedia's documentation on editing for formatting help, or contact someone (via the .impact slack or this talk page).


Create pages

The top 50 most linked to pages that don't yet exist are:

Good Ventures‏‎ (9 links), Future of Humanity Institute‏‎ (7 links), Leverage Research‏‎ (7 links), Global Priorities Project‏‎ (6 links), Open Philanthropy Project‏‎ (6 links), Mercy for Animals‏‎ (5 links), Future of Life Institute‏‎ (5 links), Wave‏‎ (5 links), Category:Promoting Effective Altruism‏‎ (5 links), Template:Documentation‏‎ (5 links), Givewell‏‎ (4 links), Meta charities‏‎ (4 links), Cost-effective‏‎ (3 links), Development Media International‏‎ (3 links), Animal Ethics‏‎ (3 links), Bronies for Good‏‎ (3 links), Living Goods‏‎ (3 links), Charity evaluator‏‎ (3 links), Animal welfare‏‎ (3 links), Cost-effectiveness‏‎ (3 links), Bellroy‏‎ (3 links), Category:Movement Building‏‎ (3 links), Widget:Google Presentation‏‎ (3 links), Critical Value‏‎ (3 links), Project Healthy Children‏‎ (3 links), Template:Reflist‏‎ (3 links),‏‎ (2 links), ICCIDD‏‎ (2 links), Effective giving‏‎ (2 links), Category:Metacharity‏‎ (2 links), LessWrong‏‎ (2 links), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation‏‎ (2 links), EA Ventures‏‎ (2 links), KIPP‏‎ (2 links), Non-profit organization‏‎ (2 links), Run To Better Days‏‎ (2 links), Template:Infobox non-profit‏‎ (2 links), Category:Existential Risk Reduction‏‎ (2 links), Commonwealth Market‏‎ (2 links), Category:Reducing Future Suffering‏‎ (2 links), Existential risk‏‎ (2 links), Nyaya Health‏‎ (2 links), Self Spark‏‎ (2 links), Small Enterprise Foundation‏‎ (2 links), Evidence Action‏‎ (2 links), Facebook‏‎ (2 links), Category:Animal Advocacy‏‎ (2 links), Local effective altruism network‏‎ (2 links), Library/Online courses‏‎ (2 links) and Pratham‏‎ (2 links)

Some others from here. Check whether pages exist under any obvious different names before creating new ones. Use Template:OrgInfoBox on organization pages.

Improve pages

If you see a page that needs improving, flag it using one of the notice templates or just go ahead and edit.

Add infoboxes

Infoboxes are cool, especially when the data in them is automatically passed to a database we can query for things like a table of animal charities by funding. Adding Template:OrgInfoBox to organization pages and filling in extra data where it's missing is an important task.


Various things could do with better styling, for example the Category:notice templates are currently just text (could do with an image and border at least), and the Template:OrgInfoBox is not very pretty. Inline styling can be used, but if you want to do much of this request access to the CSS by asking an admin.

Integrate Yanick's main page

Yanick worked on a version of the main page here at the same time as the one on wikia was created. When all wikia content was imported it was overwritten. It would be good to go over them both and work out which bits of Yanick's work to integrate into the main page (bearing in mind that some things were moved to Library).

Switch infoboxes to foreground grid

Using the foreground grid (integrated with this wiki's skin) would make the main page infobox and probably organization infobox display more neatly on mobile.

Review edits

Reviewing recent changes and making sure nothing harmful gets through is necessary on any wiki, though hopefully we won't have too many vandals here :)

If you're interested in focusing on this task contact an admin and you can have the power to flag edits as checked.

No changes during the given period matching these criteria.