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Animal Equality is an international non-profit animal rights organization whose purpose is "to achieve equal consideration and respect for animals." This approach disputes the concept of speciesism, which considers animals as merely property and thereby of lesser value than humans.[1]

Animal Equality is active in the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Italy, Germany and Venezuela. [2]


Animal Equality works to achieve a long-term social change, where all animals are treated with compassion and respect. Through major campaigns, proactive educational initiatives, investigations, corporate vegan outreach, and legal advocacy. By educating the public about animal issues, we motivate them to move towards a vegan diet and provide useful resources to help them.[2]

Animal Equality focuses its attention on the four main areas in which animals suffer the most: farmed animals, clothing trade, laboratories, and the entertainment industry.[2]


Animal Equality organises street demonstrations and protests[3] to promote respect for animals. On 21 January 2009, in a program called Diario de, Telecinco broadcast images of an assault on the Saragossa bullring carried out by Animal Equality and its raid on a warehouse with 40,000 hens, intended to expose the exploitation of these birds.[4]

Animal Charity Evaluators review

Animal charity evaluator Animal Charity Evaluators named Animal Equality as one of its top-rated charities in December 2014.[5] The review issued by Animal Charity Evaluators in December 2014 cites Animal Equality's ability to work more cost-effectively than other organizations on undercover investigations, their transparency, their understanding of strategy, and their ability to collaborate with other groups as reasons for the recommendation.[5]

Spending and Impact

The December 2014 review of Animal Equality also gives a breakdown how they spend their donations and an estimate of their impact. From a typical $1000 donation, approximately $380 is used for investigations on animal conditions on farms and in other industries, $200 is used towards grassroots outreach, $160 is spent on social media and online outreach, $160 on bigger protests, $60 on legal advocacy, and $40 on corporate outreach. The review estimates that the combined activities from such a donation would spare around 10,900 animas from life in industrial agriculture.[5]

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